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Our Story

Our Story
Western Air have pioneered the high pressure portable air providing solutions and packaging Booster compressors for the mineral exploration industry for over 40 years.

Western Air has pioneered the development of High pressure Boosters for deep mineral exploration since 1976.

Our founder Robert Phillips had invaluable experience and lessons learned during a very successful reverse circulation drilling contracting business. Western Air continue to apply this specialised knowledge by packaging specialised compressors and boosters to suit our customer’s projects.

Western Air’s rich history and reputation has been built on the bones of reliability, durability and safety in providing equipment to global mineral exploration and WaterWell.

Our Focus is on the development of innovative new products for Drillers in the Mineral Exploration Industry globally and within Australia, Contributing to the wealth and job creation generated by the resources sector.

Carly Ascott

Co – Owner

Chief Operating & Financial Officer

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Carly is an integral part of the team having strategically managed the operations of Western Air since 2002. Her experience and rich history in the business has solidified the commercial relationships with both Western Air customers and suppliers across the global mineral exploration industry. She continues to support the financial and strategic operations of the business with a focus on innovation and sourcing locally based South Australian Manufacturers to support the rapid growth of Western Air.

Carly loves to balance business with her involvement in community wellbeing projects, her passion for health and operates a fitness studio with her husband. She is however, most passionate about spending time with her young children & family! 

Qualifications and Experience

  • Chartered Accountant (Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Marketing) – University of Adelaide
  • Over 20 years’ experience founded at Deloitte Private and PKF accounting, providing a client portfolio with accounting, taxation, business strategy and succession planning solutions

Gary Algate

Co - Owner

Managing Director

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Western Air’s managing director, Gary Algate has had an illustrious and diverse career working in a number of global locations in the mineral exploration and drilling industries.  

Gary brings his wealth of knowledge to Western Air in providing equipment solutions and strategic direction to customers across multiple industries. His stellar reputation is built on the foundation of integrity and reliability.

With a major focus on Surface and underground Mining and Mineral Exploration, Gary’s role as PLM for SDS led him to oversee RC Drilling development and SDS became the leader in production and development of the global RC Hammer drilling technology.

He has managed strategic acquisitions in Canada and took on the role of President of the Americas for SDS Pty Ltd.  He has overseen the development of a Fluid powered Down Hole Hammer and spent 6 years working in the US, Canada, Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil developing the hammer in conjunction with the major service providers (Halliburton, Sperry Sun).

Gary has worked in a number of key roles in Sandvik Global US and Canadian operations before returning to Australia in 2012 as Global Business Development Director – Exploration.   When he’s not spending time with his family, Gary is an avid guitarist, having recently completed a custom build an electric guitar from scratch! 

Qualifications and Experience

  • Dip Mech Eng / Mine Mechanic / Dip Change Management – University of Stockholm
  • Sandvik / VP Exploration / Global Product Line Manager / Business Dev Dir / Manager USC
  • SDS Pty Ltd – President Americas- sales and manufacturing (Located Barrie, Ontario)